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2-D facial reconstruction of Julien Dubuque by Karen T. Taylor.

Facial Reconstruction of Julien Dubuque for
The National Mississippi River Museum

To my delight, my years of experience in the forensic art field have translated into multiple projects for use as museum exhibits. Some exhibits showcase actual crime-fighting artwork along with the resulting identifications and apprehensions.

Other exhibitions have required the creation of new works using knowledge and techniques honed from doing thousands of forensic art cases.  Forensic facial reconstruction based on skulls is particularly useful in historical projects involving skeletal evidence. Faces of the long-dead can be revealed, either as drawings or sculptures, using methods similar to those normally used in a forensic context.

I particularly enjoy this “crossover” use of forensic art since it reaches so many people. Through multiple museum venues and television documentaries, these special projects have been seen by millions of people throughout the world. Interested viewers of all ages are exposed to the ability of forensic art to literally bring history to life.

Karen T. Taylors sculpture of the Mayan Red Queen of Palenque for the Discovery Channel

Facial Reconstruction of the Mayan Red Queen of Palenque
for the Discovery Channel