About Portraiture

image of Karen T. Taylor's sculpture of Mrs. Thomas Hart Benton, V.

Portrait sculpture of Mrs. Thomas Hart Benton V

My career began in the fine art realm. After a 25 year detour in forensic art, I’m now continuing that journey. Following years of depicting the “Bad Guys” and their victims, I”m so excited to be at a point in my life that allows for more fine art sculpture. It is pure joy and a privilege for me to now be able to commemorate “Good Guys” …capturing the dignity, intelligence, passion, and complexity that each special human face can hold.

So what do I mean by “Good Guys?” We tend to think of heroes as those who perform acts of extraordinary courage—often soldiers, firefighters or police. Yet, there are many other good guys (and girls!) among us. I feel a duty and responsibility to also shine a light on these often unsung heroes with my work.

Good guys may simply be ordinary people who perform acts that transcend the ordinary:

  • Miss Rosa Parks not relinquishing her seat on the bus in Alabama in 1955
  • Todd Beamer on United Flight 93 on September 11, saying, “Let’s Roll.”
  • Airline Captain “Sully” Sullenberger performing a miraculous water landing in the Hudson River saving all passengers and crew.

Good guys may also be everyday people doing everyday things to sustain, nourish, inspire and enrich the lives of those around them in extraordinary ways: parents, educators, public servants, philantropists, religious leaders, artists/entertainers, physicians, scientists, authors, and advocates for those less fortunate. These are the faces that intrigue me. They are all Good Guys.