About KTT

Karen T. Taylor as a young girl on a horse.I can’t stop looking at faces! They have inspired me creatively throughout my entire life. I love the way they reflect so much about each of us. Right or wrong, they define our sense of identity. They reflect our ancestry and age and act as our emotional display and communication system.

I have clear memories of drawing detailed portraits of John, Paul, George and Ringo on my school notebooks. My first attempt at portrait sculpture was in high school and the obsession continued throughout college. My twenties found me drawing and sculpting faces in London and other far away places, Bohemian days absorbed in observation and study of faces from all over the world.

image of karen t. taylor working on Julien Dubuque.

The next twenty-five years of my life were spent totally engrossed in the world of law enforcement doing artwork in the most intense situations imaginable. Along the way, I became a staunch crime victims’ advocate. Today, I feel so very grateful for the opportunity to do real good in the world using the skills with which I was blessed. With an abiding desire for justice, I work hard to teach what I have learned to the next generation of artistic crime fighters.

And, after years of depicting the “bad guys” and their victims, I now also relish in the joy of doing artwork about the “good guys”, both historic and modern day.