Forensic Art and Illustration

image of Karen T. Taylor's book, Forensic Art and IllustrationAfter many years of working at the Texas Department of Public Safety, I came to realize that my forensic art experience was particularly varied and in-depth. For this reason, I felt an obligation to document information for the benefit of other practitioners in the form of a textbook. Forensic Art and Illustration was the first all-encompassing text for the forensic art field. I believe it is incumbent upon all who bear the responsibilities of criminal investigations and prosecutions to understand more about forensic art.

Over the years, I have been honored by the acceptance of the book around the world. Several international law enforcement groups have even told me that the book was the basis for setting up new forensic art units within their agencies. When writing it, I never imagined the broad use it would have by professionals is so many fields.

From the publisher:
As the number of stranger-on-stranger crimes grows, solving these crimes becomes more challenging. Forensic illustration has become increasingly important as a tool for identifying both perpetrators and victims. Forensic Art and Illustration was the first book to provide complete coverage of all aspects of the field, and includes much previously unavailable information. A practical guide, it is intended for criminal justice personnel, anthropologists, artists, and others who depict faces in their work.

Comments from reviewers:

“For anyone interested in forensic related art, facial reconstruction and identification, this book is a wealth of knowledge. … Certainly, it is a major work that merits serious attention and consideration. Importantly, the language and style of writing is most conducive to a quick grasp of the intended meaning. Finally, noting that the author gave named recognition to other contributors, it speaks well that the book was written for the right reasons.”
– RICHARD D. WALTER, Forensic Psychologist and Co-founder of the Vidocq Society

“This book is quite literally a vade mecum on the subjects it canvasses. … it is a manual, more than merely a primer, for the investigative uses of the subjects of forensic art and illustration. … would I stock my library with this book? I have two, one for my home study and one for my professional office. Need more be said in praise of this book?”
-PROFESSOR JAMES E. STARRS, LLM, Professor of Law and Forensic Sciences, George Washington University, Law School, Washington, D.C., in Scientific Sleuthing Review

“… a comprehensive text that examines forensic art and its role in criminal investigation … essential not only to law enforcement and criminal justice personnel but also to forensic and social anthropologists, police artists, and mental health care professionals who assist crime victims.”
-MICHAEL TAISTER, Forensic Artist, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Washington, D.C., in Forensic Science Communications

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