Advanced 2-D Identification Techniques

image of 2d facial reconstruction by Karen T. Taylor.This workshop will focus on two-dimensional forensic art techniques other than composite drawing. Facial muscles and facial aging will be reviewed as preparation for exercises in adult facial update drawing (used in cases of fugitives missing for a period of years). The remainder of the class will deal with drawings to aid in the identification of physical remains, including postmortem drawings from photographs of bodies of deceased persons. Two-dimensional facial reconstruction will also be covered utilizing skull photographs, both frontal and profile. Upon completion of each postmortem drawing and facial reconstruction exercise, students will view a photograph of the person in life for comparison, providing the effect of actual case experience.

  •  Must be advanced level in facial and/or composite drawing
  • Tuition includes some supplies
  • Textbook Forensic Art and Illustration will be used during class

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