Forensic Art and Illustration Reviews

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“Our viewers know we’ve worked with Karen on many cases. She’s one of the best.”-JOHN WALSH, Host of America’s Most Wanted, FOX Television

“… a class act by a class author … a wonderful contribution to the area …”
-DR. RONALD P. FISHER, Department of Psychology, Florida International University, Miami

“As Vernon Geberth’s Practical Homicide Investigation is the bible for homicide investigators, Karen Taylor’s Forensic Art and Illustration will become the bible for forensic artists.”
-DETECTIVE CASEY JOHNSON, King County Sheriff’s Office, Seattle, Washington

“… superb. It provides an easy-to-read and practical guide to the esoteric science of forensic art.”
-DR. CLYDE SNOW, Forensic Anthropologist

“Great for Television Writers … The book succeeds as both a useful research tool for the experienced analyst as well as being a fascinating, entertaining, easy to follow text for anyone who is new to the field of forensic art … We cannot say enough good things about this book.”
-JOSH BERMAN (Co-producer) and DAVID BERMAN (Actor and Researcher), CSI:, CBS Television

“Karen Taylor, a renowned forensic artist, has created the definitive guide to the art and science of forensic illustration. In her lucidly written and gorgeously illustrated book, Forensic Art and Illustration, she provides an authoritative account of the history and practice of forensic illustration and offers her readers a fascinating glimpse into the world of crime victims and criminal offenders. Her book should become a classic reference text for those interested in forensic science and criminal justice, and an invaluable resource for those of us interested in the faces as researchers, artists, physicians, anthropologists, or simply as human beings.”

-NANCY ETCOFF, Ph.D., Psychologist and Neuropsychologist, Harvard Medical School, Author of Survival of the Prettiest

“This book should be in the library of every forensic artist and forensic anthropologist. Taylor has managed to produce a comprehensive reference text that is encyclopedic in scope, yet is as interesting as a mystery novel. The book is filled with well-illustrated case reports and step-by-step instructions on the use of techniques … Taylor’s artistic talents, which have resulted in successful identification of countless suspects as well as victims, are now matched only by her talents as an author.”
-EMILY CRAIG, Ph.D, Forensic Anthropologist, Kentucky State Medical Examiner’s Office

“… more than worth the price … it covers simply everything, and even manages to do it in an interesting, extremely well-written manner. I actually found myself sitting down and reading it just for pleasure. A perfectly superb piece of work.”
-AARON ELKINS, Anthropologist and Edgar-award winning mystery writer, Washington

“Karen Taylor’s much anticipated text on forensic art happily lives up to the highest expectations. Karen is preeminent in the field and one of the few people practicing today who has professional experience in ALL aspects of forensic art … Chapters [which are] co-authored with Betty Pat. Gatliff (the ‘Grand Dame’ of forensic facial reconstruction) will be especially appreciated by the students of these two distinguished international teachers.”
-ROBERT GEORGE, Ph.D., Professor of Anatomy and Biology, Florida International University, Miami

“Karen Taylor has done a thorough and painstaking job to make this technical arena both fascinating and accessible. … no one will come away without having learned an immense amount about how art aids in criminal investigation.”
-DR. KATHERINE RAMSLAND, Author and Forensic Psychologist, Court TV/Crime Library

“In addition to being a wonderful … ‘how to do it’, the book is enjoyable and interesting to read even for the lay reader. … I suspect that the very simple and straightforward approach conveyed in Forensic Art and Illustration only comes from those who feel the masters (or mistresses) of their field of expertise. I consider this book an essential part of every forensic anthropologist’s and odontologist’s library.”
-DR. JOHN G. CLEMENT, Professor of Oral Pathology and Forensic Odontology, University of Melbourne, Australia

“Impressive … thorough coverage of all the diverse aspects of facial reconstruction … every work step and work background is described extensively, and detailed descriptions of specific cases are given … this book is a new standard!”
-PROF. DR. FREIDRICH W. ROSING, Anthropologist, Institute for Human Genetics and Anthropology, Ulm, Germany

“Finally, one of the most accomplished Sketch Artists of our time has brought the discipline of Forensic Art into focus …”
-GIL ZAMORA, Forensic Artist and Instructor, San Jose, California