Master Facial Reconstruction Sculpture

image of facial reconstruction sculpture by Karen T. TaylorMost forensic art techniques are refined through repeated case experience. This master sculpture workshop offers practitioners a unique simulation of actual field work and encourages application and development of skills.

Attendees study relevant aspects of bony and muscular anatomy and review the step-by-step facial reconstruction process. Current research regarding tissue depth data sets and individual feature development will be discussed. Utilizing oil-based plastiline clay, we will learn more about predicting and sculpting each facial feature based on skull morphology. Finishing techniques, sculpting hair and practical options for dealing with incomplete skulls will be demonstrated.

Skulls of various ages and ancestries will be used during class and participants will have the opportunity to see the life photos of the deceased person upon completion of their forensic sculptures.

-Current research data on tissue depths and features
-Review of the step-by-step reconstruction process
-Advanced sculpting techniques for features and hair
-Morphological features of various ages and ancestries

Audience: This workshop benefits both technical and fine artists who depict the human face in their work. Practical applications include law enforcement, museum, medical and other environments, including traditional portraiture.

Level: Must be at an intermediate to advanced level in forensic art and/or sculpting

Pre-requistie: Karen Taylor’s Forensic Facial Reconstruction Sculpture workshop is a pre-requisite for this class. Training with Betty Pat. Gatliff may also be substituted.

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