Sketch of Hajime

Occasionally, I enjoy doing a portrait sketch in a profile view. My friend Hajime Utsuno has a handsome profile, so I opted to portray his features from this angle. Dr. Utsuno is a lecturer in the Department of Oral Anatomy at Matsumoto Dental University in Japan. We met while at the University of Dundee in Scotland at a meeting of the International Association for Craniofacial Identification hosted by Professor Caroline Wilkinson and Professor Sue Black. We share a mutual interest in facial and dental anatomy as well as forensic facial reconstruction. Though Hajime often wears a very “professional face”, he is actually quite a character.  When I first told him I lived in Austin, he flashed a wide grin and said “Oh, I LOVE Stevie Ray Vaughan and played a little air guitar!”

Sketch of Hajime by Karen T. Taylor