Understanding the Human Face

Understanding the Human Face, KTTIf you struggle to get the desired degree of likeness or just the right expression in your portraits, this might be the class for you! It benefits artists working in any medium who seek to accurately and naturalistically depict facial images.

As artists, a better comprehension of the human face in all its complexity and variation can lend an added dimension to our portraits. This unique study-oriented workshop will involve exercises in both drawing and sculpture. We will cover basic craniofacial anatomy, depiction of individual facial features, facial variations due to sex and ancestry, subtleties of growth and aging, along with the myriad expressions that can be read from our faces. Attendees will do multiple exercises to enhance discernment and comprehension of the human visage. Class work and supplemental handouts become tools for future reference. Each artist will master new skills for greater insight into portraiture and have the potential to incorporate a quality of understanding to augment facial observation alone.

  • Beginner to advanced
  • Workshop includes both drawing and sculpture exercises. Sculpting experience helpful, but not required.
  • Individual attention
  • Tuition includes some supplies and equipment
  • Textbook Forensic Art and Illustration will be used during class

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